The Company Behind Pops: Funko!

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Funko is an American company that manufactures collectible licensed pop culture products. They are best known for producing thousands of collectible bobblehead vinyl figures and have licensed a multitude of interpretations of well-known TV-series, movie, game and sport characters.

The first Funko bobblehead figure released was Big Boy, the face of the Big Boy restaurant chain. Since then, Funko has produced figures interpreting many popular culture identities and celebrities including DC Comics' Batman, Fred Flintstone, Mickey Mouse, Tupac Shakur, Jon Snow, Walter White, John Cena, Conor McGregor, Harry Potter and a multitude of other icons.

New Leadership

Funko was originally founded in by Mike Becker in 1998. Funko’s current CEO, Brian Mariotti, purchased the company from Becker in 2005, with the intention of turning Funko into one of the world’s largest licensed collectible gift producers. Since Mariotti’s takeover, Funko has enjoyed significant growth in product development and distribution; expanding into clothing, homeware, accessories and other areas. Funko now sell toys, apparel and collectibles in thousands of stores in North America, South America, Europe and all over the world.

Expanding Licenses

Based in Everett, WA; Funko currently own licenses to produce collectibles for The Game of Thrones, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Dr Who, Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, Disney, NFL, UFC, Dr Who, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and many more of your favourite brands. Funko’s product range includes many toys including Pop! Vinyl, Dorbz and Plush; to name a few.

The Pop! Vinyl is Funko’s premier offering; renowned as the number one stylized vinyl figure available, selling millions worldwide since its launch in 2010. At San Diego Comic Con in 2015, Funko first showcased their Pop! Vinyl collectible t-shirt collection. Like the Pop! Vinyl figures, the T-shirts are fully licensed and collectible. Initially, retail chain HOT TOPIC were given the exclusive rights to sell the Pop! Vinyl tees.

Subscription Boxes

Another Funko first in 2015 was the collaboration with to launch a subscription box service called Marvel Collector Corps. Each box shipped every other month and featured exclusive collectibles, clothes and accessories. Since then, Funko has launched other subscription box services for Star Wars and DC Comics.

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